El Colegio de México

El Colegio de México is an outstanding social science and humanities research and teaching institute and has received numerous awards since its inception in 1940. The institution operates as a small public university and research center with a highly specialized faculty, an excellent academic library and a program of high level seminars and conferences on cutting edge issues of the contemporary world as well as in many academic disciplines.

In order to fulfill its aims, El Colegio de México carries out research and teaching in various areas of specialization. Its eight academic centers offer degrees in the following fields: Masters and Doctoral degrees in History, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Linguistics, Literature, Asian and African Studies, Asian and African Studies, Urban Studies, Demography and Environmental Studies, a Masters Program in Gender Studies, and undergraduate degrees in International Relations, Public Administration and Economics. Other specialized courses are also regularly offered, including a series of wide-ranging and popular summer courses.

Admission is based on open and very rigorous competition for candidates from Mexico and abroad. Virtually all accepted students obtain scholarships which require full time dedication to their academic program. El Colegio de México has numerous, ongoing academic exchanges with many high-level educational institutions around the world.

El Colegio de México has a large library, open to the public, specializing in social sciences and humanities. Its collection consists of more than 700,000 volumes and a great amount of electronic and digital resources. The new Library annex has many seminar rooms with cutting edge technology which are used by students and professors from all over Mexico as well as international interactive seminars. The Library also has a special department of digital scholarship.

The Department of Publications of El Colegio de México is in charge of publishing of books and journals. To date, and over a period of 75 years, the institution has published over 4,400 academic books and nine journals, several of which are the leading publications in their fields in the Spanish-speaking world.

Other departments of El Colegio de México include the Coordination of Computer Services and the Coordination of Digital Education. The latter has produced hundreds of academic interviews, short courses, several Moocs and many academic videos on timely subjects. Thousands of graduates have graduated from the classrooms of El Colegio who excell in research, teaching, public functions and other fields of professional activity both in Mexico and in many countries of the world, particularly throughout Latin America.